I am pleased to announce that the Center for Counseling and Student Development has refined our values, goals, and direction, with specific aspirations regarding social justice. I’d like to thank the many staff members, students, and alumni who have been part of this work thus far, as well as provide you with the attached full statement on this topic as part of an invitation to hold us accountable for progress. We humbly put forward this statement as a reminder of our aspirations as well as our difficult history which inadvertently upheld oppression in many forms.

Our overarching goal remains to continually become more welcoming and effective care providers for all students. Through a better understanding of how student and staff identities, privilege, and oppression affect mental health and use of services, we will actively pursue an environment that honors authentic selves and advances equity at UD.

We recognize that our actions will speak louder than our words and invite you to stay informed about our progress as well as updates to this living document via our blog and the @LiveWellUDel Instagram channel. If you ever have suggestions, feel free to pass them along. We look forward to continuing our collaborative support of the whole UD student and thank you as always for your partnership.

Brad Wolgast and the entire CCSD Team