Since mid-March, India has been experiencing a devastating surge in Covid-19 cases and deaths. The immense grief and sadness has been further intensified by shortages in vaccines, hospital beds for critically ill individuals, necessary treatments such as oxygen tanks, and a lack of transparency regarding the current state of affairs in many state and union territories in India.

The CCSD extends our hearts out to the victims in India and their families. The realities of this crisis highlight the current privileges across the U.S. in the forms of decreasing social distancing requirements and increasing access to vaccines. For any students in the UD community who would like to speak with a counselor to receive support in processing and coping with experiences of trauma, grief, or other emotions, please contact us at 302-831-2141.

The UD Helpline is available 24/7/365 for phone support at 302-831-1001. Students of Color can also text STEVE to 741741 for a crisis counselor.

Students can also reach out to the office of Student Diversity and Inclusion, which has resources for Asian Pacific Islander and Desi American students.

Additional Mental Health Resources