Self-compassion round 2Do you find it easy to care for others when they’re struggling, but are your own worst critic when you have a setback? Would you like to learn skills for increasing happiness and resilience, while decreasing stress? Would you like to strengthen your self-compassionate voice?

The 3-week Self-Compassion in Action workshop offers mindful techniques for growing self-kindness and letting go of self-criticism. With the support of people who can relate, you can learn to strengthen your relationship with yourself and others through the tough yet empowering work of loving yourself unconditionally.

Join us Wednesdays, 1:30-2:30pm, starting April 28. Registration is open to all UD students:


Questions? Contact Dr. Kelsey Chambers (kchamber@udel.edu) or Brooke Roseman (broseman@udel.edu)