October 12 is Indigenous Peoples Day. Indigenous Peoples Day acknowledges the impact of European settlement and celebrates Indigenous resilience throughout the Americas. It advocates for Native visibility and representation. It has been adopted by multiple states and cities in the U.S. in an effort to reclaim the whitewashed narrative and the erasure of the true histories of colonialism, genocide, and racism that Native peoples have experienced and continue to face.

In observance of Indigenous Peoples Day, the CCSD acknowledges that the Delaware River and surrounding lands have been home to the Lenape people for thousands of years. We remember the original inhabitants of this land, the Lenape people, past and present, and honor the First State with gratitude for its Indigenous stewards.

Other ways to support the Indigenous population include attending an online class on Native American history, listening to music by a Native artist, or learning about the history of the land that you occupy.

For more information on Native culture and history, as well as online programs, please visit the National Museum of the American Indian: https://americanindian.si.edu

For more information about local tribes, please see: