The CCSD acknowledges the disappointment and loss many students and families are feeling in the wake of the University’s July 22 announcement that the majority of fall 2020 courses will be delivered online. With the majority of classes now being delivered on-line, as well as a significant reduction of on-campus housing and in-person activities, we recognize that the start of this academic year will look–and feel–unlike any other. From incoming freshmen who ended their high school careers remotely and must now begin their college careers remotely, to any student suffering disappointment, frustration, anxiety, sadness, and loss, the CCSD is here to support you. Although our services are being delivered remotely, our hearts are right there with you. Please reach out to us at 302-831-2141 to consult, inquire about individual or group counseling services, or touch base with our Referral Coordinator regarding mental health resources in your area. First year students are eligible for CCSD services once classes begin on September 1st; referral consultations are available prior to that date. The UD Helpline is also accessible 24/7/365 at 302-831-1001. Please, take good care of yourselves; we look forward to seeing you in person as soon as it is safe to do so!