At the Center for Counseling and Student Development (CCSD), we are hearing your concerns with our services and with those of the mental health community.  Thank you for making these issues known to us and for speaking your voice – we will continue to listen and make changes that attend to your concerns.  We understand that the center is not meeting the expectations of all of our students seeking counseling. While we can’t provide all things, we want to be more responsible to student needs. Among others, a particular concern we hear is feeling “turned away” and the challenges of having to wait for services.  CCSD must be a place where students feel comfortable accessing our services. We will continue to look for ways to ensure our services are welcoming to minoritized students on campus.

We are having conversations in our center to work on changes and I personally welcome anyone interested in being part of a student advisory group to use this application. Your responses will be seen by me and CCSD staff. The Student Advisory Committee will convene in early September. Our center needs input from diverse student voices to help us design our offerings.


Brad Wolgast
Director, Center for Counseling and Student Development