Check in with us! CCSD invites you to participate in Fresh Check-in at Home. Due to COVID-19, the second annual Fresh Check Day at UD was cancelled this year. However, the Jordan Porco Foundation has created an alternative. As many of us adjust to a remote world in which we are working and learning from home, it’s more important than ever to find ways to stay connected and take care of our mental health. CCSD wants to make sure that you’re being kind to yourself during this difficult time, and taking some time to observe Mental Health Awareness Month. We may not be able to bring the fun, fair-like atmosphere of Fresh Check Day to you, but the Jordan Porco Foundation has put together a selection of activities that can be done at home. These activities will help reduce stress, enhance connectedness, get your body moving, tap into your creativity, put you in a positive mindset, and help you to focus on what’s meaningful and within your control. CCSD staff members will also be participating in Fresh Check-in at Home activities this month, and sharing some examples on our blog. Check back soon for updates! For more information, visit https://www.rememberingjordan.org/check-in-at-home

Fresh Check Day 2020