As the Coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to spread, we at CCSD understand that people are being impacted in different and challenging ways, and we would like to express our support and care to our campus community during this time of anxiety and loss.

We understand that due to the global spread of the virus, some people may be impacted due to changes in freedom, income, or a sense of security, as well the loss of a loved one to the disease.  Along with this, we want to acknowledge that with this can come fear and intensified concerns/emotions.  There have been increasing incidents of xenophobia and racism targeting Asian identified people around the world and in our community. As part of our core values, CCSD is strongly against any xenophobic and racist acts, and all are welcome here.

Please see our Resources page for self-help links or visit our Services page for appointment information.

For more information about Coronavirus, visit udel.edu/coronavirus.