National Eating Disorder Awareness Week is from February 24 – March 1, and we here at CCSD would like to extend our support to members of our community who struggle with disordered eating and/or body image concerns. For students struggling with body image or weight, we encourage you to seek support through our center. Please see our main page for information on general drop-in hours, and call our center at 302-831-2141 if you are interested in joining our Body Image Group, which is open to students of all backgrounds and gender identities and will begin in the spring semester (Thursdays from 3-4:30 p.m.; please contact us if this time does not work for you but you are interested in learning more).

We would also like to offer community resources for students struggling with an eating disorder; for further support and information on how to access these resources, please feel free to seek a consultation at our center.

Nutrition Clinic at SHS
NEDA Help and Support
Eating Disorders Recovery Group
Alliance Counseling
The Renfrew Center (Women only)
Center for Recovery (all genders)
Eating Recovery Help
Sheppard Pratt
Project Heal

We are aware of the link between nutrition and mental health, and would further like to offer community resources for students struggling with food insecurity.

Blue Hen Bounty
Swipe Out Hunger 
Food Bank of Delaware