We here at CCSD have been deeply saddened by a number of crises occurring in the world. We understand that a number of our students are impacted by these, and are here to offer our support to our Blue Hen community.

On January 3, the Planned Parenthood of Delaware was targeted in an act of domestic terrorism. We are aware that many of those served there are members of our campus community.

Before dawn on Tuesday January 7, 2020, a 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck southwestern Puerto Rico amidst several preceding smaller earthquakes and aftershocks.

Puerto Rico is still in a state of recovery and rebuilding after the devastation of Hurricane Maria in September 2017.  We are aware that some students in our Blue Hen community are directly affected by these events because they are from and/or have loved ones affected by these disasters.

We are also aware of the bushfire crisis happening in Australia. Many lives have been lost or hurt because of the fire.   We acknowledge the impacts cover Australia and outside Australia environmentally, systematically, and politically. We believe this crisis and its impacts can cause emotional distress in various ways.

We here at the CCSD would like to invite any student affected by the aforementioned events to seek out supportive counseling services from our CCSD counseling staff, as we recognize that such events and the ongoing stress resulting from them can be overwhelming and make it difficult to cope and navigate one’s role as a student. Please visit our main page for information regarding appointment hours and drop-in hours. If there is any other way you think CCSD can be helpful for the community other then the services we listed, please don’t hesitate to discuss with us.

Times like these can invoke feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, sadness, and anger. Please know that these reactions are normal and valid. In addition to seeking services through our center, we encourage you to reach out to those you trust and feel connected to, and we also encourage you to engage in self-care. If you would like to explore further resources on resilience and self-care during times of crisis, please read below:

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