Connecting to the network

The University operates a high-speed, wide-area Ethernet network that gives computers connected to it access to a multitude of resources at UD and on the Internet. You can securely connect your computer to the UDel network wirelessly from nearly every location on campus – classrooms and other academic spaces, dining facilities, meeting spaces, your dorm room, our libraries and even on The Green. For wireless connection information, look at the Configuring your computer to use the UDel Secure wireless network page.

Nearly all current Macintosh and Windows desktop and notebook systems have wired ethernet and wireless capability included. If your computer does not have an ethernet or wireless connection included, contact us to help you determine if network capability can be added to your system.

In addition to wired or wireless network capability, your computer must have network communications software. However, most modern operating systems (current versions of Mac OS X and Windows) have this as part of their standard feature set. You must also have the University of Delaware site-licensed anti-virus software installed on your computer. Information on which software you need, where to get it and instructions on how to install it are available at UDel Site License for McAfee Anti-Virus Software.