Communication Alumna Turned Published Author

When Susan Regan Gregson graduated from UD in 1983, she thought she would spend her career working in the public relations field. Little did she know 27 years later she would have 20 published nonfiction children’s books under her belt.

Gregson graduated from the university with a BA in communication and a minor in technical writing. After graduation, she spent her time working in public relations and as a speech writer and then as an administrator in the political and affordable housing arenas. 12 years ago, Gregson switch career fields and started working as a freelance writer/editor.

Now, Gregson writes nonfiction children’s books.  In her free time, Gregson edits fiction manuscripts and writes/edits business communication documents.

Gregson’s 20th nonfiction children’s book will be published in the spring of 2011. Look out for it.

First Time Professor Blogs About Experience

Lydia Reeves Timmions started teaching at the university this year and blogs about her experience

Lets face it, if its not online these days, it never actually happened. People post what they are doing on a daily basis on Facebook and Twitter. They also turn to blogs to report more in depth details of their daily life. It seems blogging is in vogue now.

New UD communication professor, Lydia Reeves Timmins has been following the trend and blogging about her experiences as a first time professor  and life inside the classroom.

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UD COMM Alumna Hired at Philadelphia PR Firm

UD Communication almuna, Blair Kahora Cardinal, now works for Philadelphia PR firm.

Every public relations student dreams of growing up to work at a fancy PR firm and become an account supervisor- the person who gets to make the final decision for his or her accounts/clients. University of Delaware communication Alumna Blair Kahora Cardinal’04 accomplished the pr-student-dream when she was hired by Buchanan Public Relations as an account supervisor.

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UD Comm Professor Featured on WHYY

UD Communication professor Lindsay Hoffman was featured on WHYY Radio

The whole nation could not take their eyes away from the race for Delaware Senator between Chris Coons and Christine O’Donell, mainly because O’Donell created such a fascinating character of herself.  All of a sudden, everyone cared about the little state of Delaware and what experts from the state thought of the senate race.  UD Communication Department’s very own Lindsay Hoffman was featured on WHYY Radio to weigh in on the election on November 3, the day after Coons defeated O’Donell as Delaware Senator.

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UD COMM Alumna Might Dance on MTV, Help Her Win!

Leary'10 is a finalist in MTV's Burlesque movie dance competition.

Every girl who has ever put on a pair of ballet flats dreams of making it big and dancing along side a pop star, but only a lucky few actually make their dreams come true. Well, UD Communication Alumna Pam Leary’10 has a shot at being one of the lucky few.

Leary, a former captain and co-choreographer of the University of Delaware Dance Team, competed in a promotional dance competition at the Manhattan Mall in New York City for the movie Burlesque, staring Christina Aguilera and Cher. She won the New York Competition and is now competing with 19 other regional city winners for the chance to have her dance video aired on MTV.

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