Fall literacy community project launched by public speaking students


This fall the students enrolled in Communication 212 Public Speaking will again create, launch and lead a support campaign for a local Delaware non-profit organization. This year, Dr. Tracey Holden’s students will work with Success Won’t Wait, which advocates for increased literacy among Delaware’s under-served children.

These energetic public speaking students will expand outreach and increase donations of the programs base location in Wilmington, Delaware. The overall purpose of the project is to connect students in the community.

Dr. Tracy Holden aims to connect students to the community through communication, “Comm 212 includes students from all majors, from freshmen to seniors.  No matter what background a student has, this project develops essential skills and civic experience.  It also offers the partnering agency the creativity and  energy of our dynamic students  – it’s a win-win!”


For more information on the project, contact: Dr. Tracey Holden tqhold@UDel.edu

Faculty Update- Huffington Post & Why People do NOT go Online

Professor Lindsay Hoffman write articles for the Huffington Post as mentioned by the latest faculty update. Check out her latest blog post The Case for Being Old-Fashioned. 

Professor Hoffman’s ongoing “Blog Blog Project” posts articles from current students in her classes at the University of Delaware.  Students write blog posts then vote as a class to pick the best of the bunch. This round of students chose senior Eric Hastings submission. Eric’s post looks at the correlation of  the 15 percent of Americans who don’t go online and what advantages they might gain from this. Congratulations Eric!


Potential Future Emmy Nominees

COMM Majors: We already have one Emmy nomination,  check out the latest videos that are bound to be nominated for another!

Professor Lydia Timmins and her crew haveAGAIN produced two different yet equally insightful documentaries:

The documentary Not Your Average Student  portrays three of today’s unique college students: a man in his late 60’s, a young women with a small child, and an international student. The documentary pushes past the stereotypes typically used for college students (think Animal House). This perspective is essential to UD, especially since the higher education world, like much of education, is going through many changes throughout America.


Unt*ix*tled re-introduces the public to the often forgotten Title IX. Don’t know what Title IX is? This landmark decree broke ground in the issues faced today with gender equality in athletics. This documentary looks at the decree in its origin’s and how its presence continues to grow and change even today. Check out the documentary and decide for yourself if Title IX is good or bad, or neither.


COMM Department Round-Up!

1. UD congratulates Professor Lydia Timmins and her students! The crew taking her Broadcast News Documentary” course last year produced a documentary that is nominated for a local Emmy award! The 17member  class independently completed the entire project over the course of one semester: shooting, editing, and scripting  the entire thing . Check out their work, “Grandma Never Texted”


2. Wisconsin Public Radio interviewed Professor Dannagal Young  on July 18. Professor  Columbia Journalism Review, “Lighten up: How satire will make American politics relevant again.” Hear what she had to say! – http://www.wpr.org/shows/satire-and-democracy

3. Did you know that Professor Lindsay Hoffman writes for the Huffington Post? Dr. Hoffman’s scholarly research  focuses on media effects, political satire, and citizen use of internet technology to become more informed in their communities. Check out her latest article on the crisis in Syria here:


4.  Prof. Scott Caplan uses hashtags in his classes and his students love it! It’s the “intergration” of social media and communication theory at it’s finest. Follow him @UdelCaplan


5. Prof. John Courtright has received the prestigious honor of being named editor of Human Communication Research. Prof. Courtright will begin his three year term in the journal’s (I inserted an apostrophe here -I’ve noticed an apostrophe habit that you should focus on) 39th volume.The International Communication Association publishes the journal; with over 3,500 members reading, it ranks as one of the top 10 journals in the field of human communication.


Supreme Court and UD Communication Dept. Unite

The Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor’s visit generated one of the largest turn-outs in years as a speaker at UD! Justice Sotomayor shared her early life experiences from her memoir, My Beloved World. The First Year Common Reader program picks a book to engages students in the intellectual life of the UD community.

You can read the full story on her visit  here

Check out the COMM department representing front and center!

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor speaks Thursday at the Bob Carpenter Center. With her on stage are N’Kosi Oates(COMM’ 14) and Shylah Duchicela.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Has Arrived at UD TODAY!

Today September 19, U.S. Justice Sotomayor will speak at the Bob Carpenter Center at 4 p.m. The U.S. Supreme Court Justice is the author of this year’s First Year Common Reader program with her best-selling memoir, ‘My Beloved World’.

Not only is this a great honor for UD, but one of our very own undergraduate COMM students, N’kosi Oates will introduce Justice Sotomayor!  N’kosi has a double major in Communication and Political Science, and we are thrilled have him represent us at this SOLD OUT event with such an honored guest.