The mission of the Department of Communication at the University of Delaware is to both empower students in their personal and professional lives, and to provide an ethical compass for navigating the complexities of modern society. To this end, the faculty is dedicated to providing rigorous and comprehensive instruction to students and to generating important new knowledge in the field of communication.

The major in communication is designed around two central goals, increasing knowledge about communication processes and their impact on society, and developing communication skills and competencies. In pursuing these goals, the Department of Communication has adopted a social and behavioral science orientation toward the study of human communication. All majors study communication in a wide variety of contexts, including interpersonal and mass communication in both mediated and face-to-face settings. A broad spectrum of classes enables students to critically analyze communication as well as recognize their own ethical responsibilities to self and community. The communication faculty is also committed to turning theory into effective skills for speaking, critical thinking, writing, and media production so that academic knowledge and experience extend beyond the classroom into future opportunities for our students.

The faculty of the department is committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise through courses designed to enhance speaking and critical thinking skills; and in so doing, contribute to the university community and society.

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