#UDcommFUN: Communications internship with Habitat for Humanity

Communications Internship: Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County


This is a for-credit only internship. To be eligible, applicants should be enrolled in a Journalism, PR or Communications program at an accredited college or university and in requirement of the completion of a specific number of work hours to receive credit. Applicants should possess sound oral and written communication skills, a solid grasp of the English language, be comfortable working with others in a professional environment and available to work no less than 15 hours/week.


The communications operation of Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County operates less like a traditional public relations department and more like a news outlet with multiple products. In fact, the media is close to the bottom of our list of priorities. Our approach to making good on our responsibility to educate and inform relies on the use of the various publications and mediums to conduct our messaging. Our web site, newsletters, social media presence, billboards, radio commercials and newspaper ads have a very wide reach and give us many more opportunities to get the word out about our organization than any newspaper story or television report can. So, we must put the necessary time and effort into making these multimedia materials relevant, attractive and sophisticated. The big events and initiatives that come out of HFHNCC that warrant may warrant media coverage will be discussed and if it is decided that a pitch is needed, we’ll do so.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Monitoring the Media – Scanning the web for news and other information on affordable housing issues and news about other Habitat for Humanity affiliates that may be of interest to us.

• Social Media Management – Finding relevant material and links and posting them on social media. Monitoring Habitat International’s website, twitter feed and Facebook page and keeping HFHNCC in their loop.

• Produce Copy for Habitat Happenings – Habitat Happenings is a digital newsletter that goes out every two weeks. It contains brief items on events and that take place within the organization. Each item is usually 2-3 paragraphs with a photo if needed.

• Produce Copy for Quarterly Newsletter – Out quarterly newsletter that will contains detailed reports on major events, initiatives inside and outside the organization that concern us. These items will be somewhat longer and contain quotes and more background information.

• Take Pictures – You’ll be coached on how to shoot photos at various events for publication.

• Write Press Releases – You’ll be coached on how to write news advisories and press releases that we’ll send to the media.

Desired Skills

Knowledge and experience working with the following:

• MS Word

• MS Outlook

• PowerPoint

• Publisher

• InDesign

• Social Media, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

• Twitter

• YouTube

• WordPress

While those skills are desired, not having experience in some of the above mentioned programs does not disqualify you from consideration.


To apply for the internship: email  resume and a one-page cover letter explaining what Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County does, the impact it has on the community and how you can help communicate its mission to the public to Leon Tucker (Director of Communications) at ltucker@habitatncc.org.