Tell Your Story: Francesca’s 2014 Boston Marathon Experience

Congratulations to Communication student, Francesca! She recently ran in the 2014 Boston Marathon. Check out her post below to find out how she won.


To people outside of New England, Patriot’s Day is just like any other Monday.  To New Englanders, Patriot’s Day is Marathon Monday, the greatest day of the year. From Hopkinton, MA, all the way to Boylston St. located in the heart of the city, streets are packed with runners and spectators from all over the world, covered in both sweat and filled with smiles.

It’s hard to think that just one year ago, Marathon Monday was nothing like this.  On April 15th, 2013, I was sitting at my desk at my internship in Wilmington, Delaware when my boss came running into my office.  Knowing that I was from the area, she informed me there was an explosion at the marathon finish line. I quickly called my family and friends who were in the city that day, but could not get a hold of any of them. I knew something was wrong.  Two bombs went off at the finish line that day, killing three people and injuring over 260.  As the events of that week unfolded, I had never felt more helpless in my life. I just felt like I had to do something. IMG_0781

As a full-time student, I never imagined I would have the time to train for a marathon.  But, here I am. I ran the 2014 Boston Marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and for all of those affected by last year’s events. With the help of my amazing friends and family, I raised over ten thousand dollars for an extremely worthy cause and took part in restoring the finish line for the city of Boston. The range of emotions felt on Marathon Monday can hardly be put into words, especially during this year’s event. The nerves you feel on the bus to the starting line.  The pain that your body encounters around the halfway marker.  The tears you form when you think about the lives that were tarnished from last year’s tragedies.  And finally, the happiness that consumes you when you cross the finish line on Boylston St.

My favorite moment of the marathon was finding my friends and family along the course. It came at mile eight, where I found my longtime family friend, with an enormous sign, “Go FRANNY!” It came at Mile 21, after the infamous three-mile incline titled “Heartbreak Hill,” where I found my best friend, screaming, crying, and sending me on my way.  And it came at mile 25 where I found my parents, sorority sisters, and University of Delaware friends, chanting my name.

Although the 2014 Boston Marathon was my first marathon ever, it will certainly not be my last. This year, the marathon ensured that we will always remember the victims, honor the heroes, and pray for those affected.  I am truly blessed to have been able to run in this historic event and experience such a life-changing event.  See you next year!



Tell Your Story: Communication Student Wins 2014 Broadcast Pioneers Scholarship

Congratulations to Communication student, Briella! She recently won the Broadcast Pioneers Scholarship. Check out her post below to find out how she won.


I discovered the Broadcast Pioneers Scholarship while scrolling through my emails. I came across an email from my COMM345 professor, Dr. Juliet Dee. She sent me the link to the entry form on the committee’s website and I filled it out. The entry form was very simple and required basic information such as my name, major, GPA, and campus involvement.

A few weeks later, I received another email informing me that I was selected one of 40 finalists out of almost 300 applicants! As a finalist, I was required to write an essay about where I envisioned myself in 10 years, send in my official transcript, and send a letter of recommendation (written by my adviser, Dr. Signorielli).

I found out that I was one of 20 winners (the largest number of scholarships the Broadcast Pioneers has ever awarded) when the committee chairman, Gerry Wilkinson, called me personally. He called me on April Fools’ Day when I was laying out by the pool in Florida, so I was skeptical at first and thought it was a prank from my friends.

I met many connections in the radio and television industry on Wednesday, April 16th, at the scholarship recipient luncheon in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I mingled with current broadcasters, as well as, some veterans in the industry from whom I gained some great advice. I even had the opportunity to walk up to the podium and formally accept my award. I have a great interest in the field of meteorology, so I am looking forward to gaining an internship in the TV industry and am very excited for what lies ahead!

broadcast pioneer

Tell Your Story: Elynsey Price, UD Communication Class of 2013

Everyone loves stories. Learning from others, gaining insight, and sneaking a peak into someone’s life is all a part of the fun in Communication! We learn from others, whether it be through a blog post, a Tweet, a photo, or a face-to-face conversation. We constantly tell our stories and today, Elynsey Price, UD Communication alumna from the Class of 2013, shares her’s.

Interested in telling your story? Email our Independent Study student, Keri Betters,


What year did you graduate from the University of Delaware?

Last year- 2013!

Where are you currently employed?  

I currently work as an Account Coordinator at Stanton Communications, a multi-specialty mid-sized Public Relations firm headquartered in Washington, DC. We serve corporations, industry associations and non-profit organizations throughout the US and abroad. We focus on education, energy, technology, health care, travel & tourism and industrial services sectors.

What are some of your every day responsibilities?

Every day I work closely with account managers and directors to execute public relations programs for our clients. I spend most of my time conducting outreach to journalists, media monitoring, coordinating interviews and briefings, assisting with event planning and developing content for social media platforms.

What is one thing someone would be surprised to know about you?

When I was younger, my dream job was to be an actress!

How did the University of Delaware prepare you for the workforce?

While I certainly had some great professors and classes at UD, I truly believe that PRSSA prepared me the most for the workforce. Between guest speakers, skill slams and many opportunities to be involved on the executive board, I feel as though I received a thorough understanding of what my future career path would be like after UD.

From one Blue Hen to another, do you have any advice for current COMM students?

Find the right balance between living in the moment and preparing yourself for the future. Enjoy your time at UD now (you have the rest of your life to worry about work!)- But also make sure you take small steps to make yourself a desirable future candidate. Companies are making a big investment when they hire you!

What is one piece of advice you received that has helped you get to where you are today?

“Never give up.”

What is a favorite memory from your college years? 

My favorite memory would have to be the priceless time I spent hanging out with my floor-mates freshman year. They turned out to be my best friends throughout college and even after graduation!

What is a favorite memory from a Communications class you took and who was the professor?

My favorite memory is whenever Professor Bartoo would give her infamous “Tip Time” In COMM309!

Will you be attending Alumni Weekend 2014? 

Yes, of course. I can’t wait!


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