Potential Future Emmy Nominees

COMM Majors: We already have one Emmy nomination,  check out the latest videos that are bound to be nominated for another!

Professor Lydia Timmins and her crew haveAGAIN produced two different yet equally insightful documentaries:

The documentary Not Your Average Student  portrays three of today’s unique college students: a man in his late 60’s, a young women with a small child, and an international student. The documentary pushes past the stereotypes typically used for college students (think Animal House). This perspective is essential to UD, especially since the higher education world, like much of education, is going through many changes throughout America.


Unt*ix*tled re-introduces the public to the often forgotten Title IX. Don’t know what Title IX is? This landmark decree broke ground in the issues faced today with gender equality in athletics. This documentary looks at the decree in its origin’s and how its presence continues to grow and change even today. Check out the documentary and decide for yourself if Title IX is good or bad, or neither.