Supreme Court and UD Communication Dept. Unite

The Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor’s visit generated one of the largest turn-outs in years as a speaker at UD! Justice Sotomayor shared her early life experiences from her memoir, My Beloved World. The First Year Common Reader program picks a book to engages students in the intellectual life of the UD community.

You can read the full story on her visit  here

Check out the COMM department representing front and center!

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor speaks Thursday at the Bob Carpenter Center. With her on stage are N’Kosi Oates(COMM’ 14) and Shylah Duchicela.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Has Arrived at UD TODAY!

Today September 19, U.S. Justice Sotomayor will speak at the Bob Carpenter Center at 4 p.m. The U.S. Supreme Court Justice is the author of this year’s First Year Common Reader program with her best-selling memoir, ‘My Beloved World’.

Not only is this a great honor for UD, but one of our very own undergraduate COMM students, N’kosi Oates will introduce Justice Sotomayor!  N’kosi has a double major in Communication and Political Science, and we are thrilled have him represent us at this SOLD OUT event with such an honored guest.

UD “MA” COMM Program Exceeds Expectations: Research Powerhouse

– Johanna Lukk, COMM ’14 and Carolyn White Bartoo, COMM ’88

Our Department of Communication is making some big waves in the competitive waters of academic research.  We’re recognized as a national leader in scholarly research output. The Communication Institute for Online Scholarship (CIOS), a non-profit supporting computer technologies used in communication scholarship and education, recognized UD’s COMM Department has given us a ‘tip of the hat’ for outperforming much larger programs at other universities.

Our COMM Department offers both undergraduate and masters level programs for students – but that’s not news. What IS news is that CIOS recently noticed that our hard working professors crank out such uniquely high levels of results that we exceed the productivity levels of not just our peer MA-only communication departments; but we also meet, and in many cases, BEAT larger, longer, and typically more well-funded graduate communication programs at other universities which grant doctorates.

Although much of this is an “inside baseball” academic distinction, it’s really significant because normally MA-only programs have lower scholarly output rates than larger, Ph.D.-granting institutions. But not UD COMM . . . we ranked in the same ballpark as the top 25 Ph.D. grant programs in the entire country. Way to go UD COMM scholars! David and Goliath stories do actually happen!