No Way! “Interpersonal COMM” Theory Links to “UR” Twitter Followers?

You betcha! Sounds like all those theory classes AGAIN pay off outside of the dreaded scantron exams you took “back in the day”.

Turns out, we don’t really connect or consider our “tribes” to be about where we’re from  any more. Place is not community — all the time. Social media users, in particular, think their “people” are from a community of like-minded individuals all linked through . . . Twitter. It’s a hub not a town. Listen to this story to get the low down.

Dr. Steve Mortenson . . . are you listening?

Talk Back: COMM Junior Loves her Classes . . . really!

 — Elynsey Price, UD COMM ’13

PRSSA-UD superhero Elynsey Price

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The Department of Communication at the University of Delaware is by far my favorite department on campus.  Although I may be a bit biased (considering Communication is my major), I honestly cannot think of a more helpful and positive environment on campus that encourages me to explore what I love.  Each Communication class I take is challenging, and truly makes me think about different aspects to succeed in my life.  All of the content I learn is extremely applicable to real life, and I know it will greatly benefit me when I graduate.  While many may joke, “What are you going to do with your major?”, I simply bask in the glory that my major allows me to take not one career path with my life, but many.  From a television reporter, to a journalist, to an advertising account executive, my options are endless.


Public Relations is a career path that definitely strikes a cord with me.  The Department of Communication allows me to expand my interest in Public Relations academically, but it also gives me the opportunity to be involved with PRSSA- the Public Relations Student Society of America.  PRSSA is an organization within the Department of Communication that opened many doors and endless opportunities for me.  PRSSA is a pre-professional organization that strives to provide students with practical out-of-the-classroom experience to prepare students for a career in Public Relations.  With PRSSA, I have the opportunity to meet countless professionals and network and build relationships with them.  I frequently listen to professionals share their insight on the industry, and I learn how to better prepare myself to be successful with my career.  Currently, I serve on the PRSSA Executive Board as the Public Relations Director where I have the opportunity to contribute my knowledge and practice my skills every day.  I even had the opportunity to travel to Orlando, Florida to present on behalf of the UD Chapter at the PRSSA National Conference.

Without the guidance and support of the Department of Communication, I never would have been able to explore PRSSA and become so involved with it.  The Department of Communication is a great resource and place to talk to Professors, find internships and figure out what it is you are truly passionate about.  I hope that many students make sure to utilize this valuable resource in the future to make their experience at the University of Delaware meaningful.