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NASCAR Crashes into “COMM Effects” Theory

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Danica Patrick (R) waves to fans while rolling her number 10 car out to the track before a practice session for the Daytona 500 this past weekend.

Hey UD COMM alumni!  Remember all those “mass comm effects” concepts you had to learn way back when? Well . . . here’s a story linking NASCAR to COMM THEORY! It’s fodder for your next coffee talk moment. Go ahead, make yourself look smart . . . or at least that your tuition dollars are paying off!


UD-MA-COMM Alumna Pitt Penguins “Ice Crew”

Just when you thought no one you know does anything interesting . . . here’s a totally unique job! And it’s held by our very own Rhiannon Kallis who earned her MA in Communication from our department.  Rhiannon recently emailed us about her COOL job:

The Ice Crew maintains the ice conditions at all the home games (kind of like human Zambonis) during TV timeouts by the players’ benches, penalty box, and goalie nets.  It is actually an NHL mandated rule that the ice is cleaned three times each period.

Each time we go out onto the ice, we have less than two minutes to plow and shovel our area.  So we must sprint on and off the ice.  It is exhilarating!

We also represent the Pittsburgh Penguins organization at various promotional and charity events.  Additionally, we interact with fans at the games, conduct in-arena promotions/intermission games, take pictures with fans, and sign autographs.  I absolutely love it and it is great being able to see all the home games of my favorite hockey team. . . live!”

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