Remember those great “Student Television Network” Shows?

By Matt Folger, COMM ’12

For an all access pass to professional, NCAA and Blue Hen sports look no further than The Full Court Press.  The show is one of six the University of Delaware’s Student Television Network brings the campus. Every other week, The Full Court Press tries to present the most intriguing stories that have occupied the world of sports during the past weeks.

This year the show has aimed to focus more of its attention on Blue Hen athletics in an effort to stir interest and increase attendance throughout the University of Delaware. When they aren’t linking up on the field, junior Tim Donnelly and sophomore Mike Milburn take time out of their busy schedule to host the show.  Tim is a quarterback for the Blue Hens while Mike is a wide receiver.

In addition to The Full Court Press, STN49 offers a wide variety of other programming.Two other shows, 49 News and The Biweekly Show, bring UD the hottest storiesfrom on campus to around the world. Behind the Screen’s mission is to “save the campus from bad movies; one at a time!”

Mics and Lights is a musically oriented program that helps expose some amazing local talent. And finally, What in theHall?! is a witty talk show that features hilarious skits and compelling interviews.  Whichever show you choose to watch, you will not be disappointed.