We’re Busy with Politics, PR and “Party-Crazy” Students

The Communication Department faculty continue to work at a frenetic pace. It’s hard to track down all that happens around here, but check out the latest updates:

  • Dr. Lindsay Hoffman and Ralph Begleiter, both COMM faculty and part of UD’s new Center for Political Communication, put their talents to work investigating hot-topics and hot tempers about politics.  It’s part of a new public opinion poll studying how technology has changed people’s interactions with government and politicians.
  • Some alumni may remember taking a news documentary course and late night hours editing and re-editing.  Dr. Lydia Timmins, in her second year at UD, now sheppards students through the course. Her students’ work caught the attention of WHYY-TV this week because of their innovative investigation into student “apathy”.


  • Public Relations professor Carolyn White Bartoo ended up at her own “summer internship” with one of the largest PR agencies in the world, Ketchum (Chicago office). Ketchum’s top leadership hosted her as part of a national fellowship program for university faculty to get “back in the trenches” for two weeks and get up to speed with how today’s practicioners work with social media, online research, and today’s economic realities. Check out her blog or tweets @CaroBar2 for young PR professonals.