UD-COMM’s own Dr. Scott Caplan Hits a “Home Run” Looking into Video Gamers


Dr. Scott Caplan

In academia, it’s all about the numbers. And in this case, Dr. Scott Caplan moved into the top ranks of his field recently when his super-popular scholarly article on stereotypes surrounding  people who play video games, or “gamers”, became the most used article on this topic in the country.

This is like winning the World Series and reaching the top level of Super Mario Brothers at the once  . . . if you’re a professor.

Caplan’s article is the top-cited article for 2010 of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication.  Originally published in 2008, it’s  been cited 12 times in 2010 and has been cited 22 times to date.

Caplan coauthored the article with Dmitri Williams, of the University of Southern California, and
Nick Yee, of the Palo Alto Research Center. Their abstract follows:

“Online games have exploded in popularity, but for many researchers access to players has
been difficult. The study reported here is the first to collect a combination of survey and
behavioral data with the cooperation of a major virtual world operator. In the current study,
7,000 players of the massively multiplayer online game (MMO) EverQuest 2 were surveyed
about their offline characteristics, their motivations and their physical and mental health.”