Student Spotlight: STN 49’s Chris Volker

Chris Volker, a junior communication major, is the head political correspondent for UD's student-run network, STN 49.

Anyone on campus last October remembers the hubbub that surrounded the Chris Coons and Christine O’Donnell debates, held in our own Mitchell Hall.  Voters across the state, and even across the nation, watched the televised debate on CNN.  Many students got even more local, tuning in to coverage provided by UD’s student television network, STN 49.

One student got even more up close and personal than most – STN 49’s head political correspondent, junior Chris Volker.  Chris began working with the station during his freshman year, and moved up the ranks to become a correspondent and producer.

The intensity of the debates, Chris said, was a glimpse into the “real world” of television production.

“Being involved with something like STN,” Chris said, “Students gain knowledge that they may never learn in a textbook.”

To watch STN 49 live online, or to learn how you can get involved, check out their website at

Story reported by Kara Auck.

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