First Time Professor Blogs About Experience

Lydia Reeves Timmions started teaching at the university this year and blogs about her experience

Lets face it, if its not online these days, it never actually happened. People post what they are doing on a daily basis on Facebook and Twitter. They also turn to blogs to report more in depth details of their daily life. It seems blogging is in vogue now.

New UD communication professor, Lydia Reeves Timmins has been following the trend and blogging about her experiences as a first time professor  and life inside the classroom.

Prior to teaching broadcast journalism at Delaware, Timmins spent 20 years working as a television journalist and has covered national events, such as 9/11 and the Amish school shootings.  Now, she was given a one-year contract to teach the university’s communication undergraduates her expertise.

Timmin’s blog describes the experience her students had as first time live broadcast journalists and how her students reacted. In addition, her writing described how she felt teaching students how to be television journalists versus being a television journalist.

“My ‘kids’ had their first experience with the thrills, the chills, the outright terror of, well, live-to-tape news! And after 10 months, I’ll admit I was a bit rusty too. I had supreme confidence in them, and I knew they’d do it—they were NOT so sure. When we finished it was so COOL to see the adrenaline flowing in them and the ‘yeah we pulled it off’ attitude that was so familiar. For me, it was during major breaking news that I would come off a show with that euphoria—but in this case, man I FELT it.”

To read the entire blog, click here.

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