What’s Happening Now with: STN (Student Television Network)

STN 49 is the student run television network and it created special coverage of the Delaware Senate Debates

The Delaware senate race is the most watched race during the midterm elections and the University of Delaware hosted the debate between Democratic nominee Chris Coons and Republican nominee Christine O’Donnell on October 13.  CNN invaded the campus to air special debate coverage, however CNN was not the only television network to highlight the Delaware senate debate.  STN 49, UD’s student run television channel, created special programing to address the debate.

STN has always been completely student run and the debate coverage was not any different.  Sarah Marx’11, the president of the Student Television Network, said the debates were aired live on STN, plus STN produced a pre-debate television program and post-debate analysis.

“We are airing a completely student run pre-debate show and a live post-debate analysis with in-studio reports and a reporter on the green,” said Marx.

In addition to the special Debate coverage, STN produces six television show- 49 News, Behind the Screen, Mics and Lights, The Biweekly Show, Full Court Press and What in the Hall?!. STN has always offered UD students, from any major but specifically the communication major, the opportunity to help produce live and taped television shows as well as appear on camera.

Usually when national and international media visits a college campus it is for a tragic event, which the student television program usually cannot cover because of safety reasons.  Delaware was lucky enough to attract national attention for a positive reason and STN was lucky enough to cover a national issue and gained national and local attention to what they do well.

To check out STN’s regular television programs, like STN’s sports news show Full Court Press, check out it’s web site.

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