Communication Students’ Journalism Project Playing at Film Festival

Fall 2009 Comm/Posc 425 “Broadcast News Documentary” uncovered the secrets of the secrets of the university’s recently acquired property, the Chrysler Plant.  The team produced a video revealing the secrets of the new university ground.  The video was featured at Newark’s Film Festival.  Click HERE and HERE for more.

Communication Department Gains Broadcast Journalism Experience

Prof. Lydia Timmons leaves daily TV news for COMM's TV classroom.

Not everybody reports a tragic news story on live television.  It takes a special kind of person to to stay calm and composed when looking into a live camera and tell millions of people a shooting, while sounding objective. Lydia Timmins is just this kind of special person and now she joins UD Communication Department teaching broadcast journalism and production for the year.

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STN and CNN: Students Covering National Race on UD Campus

The whole country has an eye on the Delaware senate elections and everyone wants a part of it.  The election is coming to UD on October 13 when Christine O’Donnell and Chris Coons come to the campus for a debate.

CNN plans to broadcast the debate nationally, but the university’s STN (Student Television Network) will also have extensive coverage of the debate.

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