Communication Adjunct Professor Praised for Senate Debate

Nancy Karibjanian co-moderated the debates on October 13 with Wolf Blitzar.Broadcast journalists dream of breaking out of local news and entering the national stage.  All it takes is one story major story to get the big break.  It all depends on how the situation is handled.  Delaware’s adjunct Communication Professor, Nancy Karibjanian, received her national story last week when she co-moderated the Delaware senate debates with Wolf Blitzar and NPR said applauded her performance.

Karibjanian teaches a broadcast journalism practicum at the university and is the host of WHYY TV12’s “Friday Forum” on WHYY Delaware Tonight Wilmignton. NPR journalist Liz Halloran described Karibjanian as the star of the night, stating:

“…the star of the night was Karibjanian, who handled her duties with firmness and aplomb, asking the tough questions and, almost miraculously, preventing stump speeches and platitudes. Here’s a vote for Karibjanian in 2012 – in the role of presidential debate moderator.” – Liz Halloran, NPR “It’s all politics”

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