Communication Professor in the News Again

Dannagal Young studies political satire, mainly Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

The American media cannot stop talking about John Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Washington DC rallies on Oct. 30.  Colbert and Stewart are using their respective  rallies and comedic fake news programs to show America the absurdity of the extremism displayed during this midterm election and how the media is fueling the extremism. News Outlets keep turning to Assistant Professor Dannagal Young to comment on political satire because of her expertise in the field.

The St. Petersburg Times is the latest media outlet to ask Young for a comment. In Sunday, Oct. 3’s issue of the daily newspaper, Young was quoted in an article titled Should America Be in on the Joke?

Here are a few of Young’s quotes featured in the news story:

“People are lamenting that these comedians are playing this role, but a better use of energy might be lamenting that our politics and media have reached the point where this is necessary,” said Danna Young, an assistant professor at the University of Delaware.

“Stewart and Colbert are necessary because … they’re not just saying ‘Let’s question the content of politics,’ ” she added. “They’re saying ‘Let’s question whether the way we experience the political world makes sense.’ ”

“As long as there’s a consumer model underlying the news — news media needing to generate a profit — we’re going to have the news looking like what (the audience) wants,” said the University of Delaware’s Young. “Are you going to choose spinach over chocolate cake? At least Jon Stewart feeds the audience chocolate cake with pureed lima beans and spinach inside.”

To read the entire article, click here.

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