Did You Miss the Delaware Senate Debate?

Have you seen the Delaware Senate Debates yet? Probably, between CNN, other national coverage, international, local and campus media on it, it seems impossible for someone to have missed it.  They would have to be living under a rock.  But just in case a few people actually were living under a rock for the past few weeks,  check out UDaily‘s extensive information on Coons and O’Donnell’s debate.

Communication Adjunct Professor Praised for Senate Debate

Nancy Karibjanian co-moderated the debates on October 13 with Wolf Blitzar.Broadcast journalists dream of breaking out of local news and entering the national stage.  All it takes is one story major story to get the big break.  It all depends on how the situation is handled.  Delaware’s adjunct Communication Professor, Nancy Karibjanian, received her national story last week when she co-moderated the Delaware senate debates with Wolf Blitzar and NPR said applauded her performance.

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Communication Professor in the News Again

Dannagal Young studies political satire, mainly Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

The American media cannot stop talking about John Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Washington DC rallies on Oct. 30.  Colbert and Stewart are using their respective  rallies and comedic fake news programs to show America the absurdity of the extremism displayed during this midterm election and how the media is fueling the extremism. News Outlets keep turning to Assistant Professor Dannagal Young to comment on political satire because of her expertise in the field.

The St. Petersburg Times is the latest media outlet to ask Young for a comment. In Sunday, Oct. 3’s issue of the daily newspaper, Young was quoted in an article titled Should America Be in on the Joke?

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The Situation Room Live TONIGHT from UD with Wolf Blitzer before Coons/ODonnell Debate in Mitchell Hall

Make sure to watch CNN starting this afternoon for live coverage of the Delaware Debates from the University of Delaware. Coverage kicks off with a live broadcast of The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer from campus starting at 5 p.m.

Following his show, Blitzer will move to Mitchell Hall and co-moderate the debate between Delaware Senate candidates Chris Coons (D) and Christine O’Donnell (R). The first hour of the debate will be broadcast live on CNN, and it will be broadcast in its entirety on CNN beginning at 11 p.m. C-SPAN will broadcast the entire debate live.

Also tomorrow, CNN’s American Morning will broadcast live from UD. Make sure to tune in and check out all the action at your alma mater.

Bicoastal Communication Blue Hens

Senior Ian Clark interned for Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket this past summer.

Andrew Frischman interened for HBO last summer.

Anyone who works in television production knows the epicenters of the industry reside in New York City and Los Angles.  In order to get a job in the industry,willingness to live a bicoastal lifestyle is a must.  This past summer, senior Ian Clark ’11 journeyed cross country to Los Angles to intern for Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket and spent the summer before interning at Fox 5 in New York City.  Clark swapped coasts with his classmate  Andrew Frischman ’11, who spent his summer in New York City interning for HBO studios,  previously working for The Tonight Show with Connan O’Brien in Los Angles.

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Website behind “The Social Network” Movie: UD Professor Weighs in


It seemed impossible for Facebook to get anymore popular.  The site already has 500 million users, how could it possibly gain more publicity? Well, thanks to the release of The Social Network movie, even more eyes are on the web site. The movie was the top grossing film last weekend, earning 22.4 million in its opening weekend.

Yes, Facebook is obviously extremely popular, but a researcher in the Congressional Quarterly Researcher raise the question: Is the social networking site hurting us?  The author asked UD Associate Communication Professor Scott Caplan to weigh in on the debate.

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