Resources & Confidentiality

Resources to put your recovery on the map

Looking for local or national resources? Just looking for more information? Sober Nation is the resource for you. This website includes articles, videos, treatment information, a blog and more.


In the substance abuse field, confidentiality is governed by federal law (42 U.S.C. § 290dd-2) and regulations (42 CFR Part 2) that outline under what limited circumstances information about the client’s treatment may be disclosed with and without the client’s consent. Student Wellness & Health Promotion maintains confidentiality with the following exceptions:

1. Regarding child-abuse-and neglect reporting

2. When there is imminent danger to self or others

3. With the existence of written permission from the student

4. With the existence of a valid court order.

If you have concerns about confidentiality, please contact our office at 302-831-3457 for further clarification. Although the situations above are rare, we will notify you of any disclosure unless to do so would jeopardize the safety of self of others. Please note that we are not legally obligated to discuss with you mandatory disclosures. Click here for more information on 42 CFR.

The CRC cannot guarantee confidentiality due to the group setting. You are not required to disclose information that you are not comfortable sharing. We do maintain attendance in our CRC meetings however attendance is not shared publicly. A student is also not required to be in recovery to be a member of the CRC. We also have students who have family members in recovery as part of our CRC.

Local Treatment

Local treatment agencies are available. The CRC is not counseling based. Student Wellness & Health Promotion at the University of Delaware provides supportive counseling services and will also be able to connect you with local treatment agencies if necessary or requested. Please note that all counseling services through Student Wellness & Health Promotion are CONFIDENTIAL. Click here for more information on Student Wellness & Health Promotion at the University of Delaware.

Local treatment agencies include but are not limited to the following. Please note that inclusion on this list does not indicate support from Student Wellness & Health Promotion.

PACE, Inc.

Father Martin’s Ashley

Argo Institute, Aquila of Delaware

Brandywine Counseling

Jewish Family Services of Delaware


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