The Collegiate Recovery Community at the University of Delaware was founded in the Spring of 2014. It consists of a group of students who believe in the importance of supporting students in recovery. We also welcome any student who is interested in becoming an advocate for others in recovery. We do not discriminate against a student’s journey of recovery. We only request that a student is doing something active to maintain their recovery efforts. You can read more about our mission statement on our home page.

Students involved in the CRC are not required to disclose their recovery efforts in any manner. As with any group, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. However, it is to be respected. A known breach of confidentiality will be appropriately addressed. Providing a safe environment is crucial to the success of this community. A person in long term recovery and a person with a close friend or family member experiencing addiction may not desire to disclose this information outside of the meetings. This is to be respected.

The CRC at the University of Delaware can only be successful with dedicated students involved. That is why we have the following expectations:

  • We respect each others beliefs and differences.
  • You show up as much as possible. It is understandable that you are a busy college student. But we do ask that if you commit to the CRC, that you will be an active part of the CRC. You do not have to attend every event, but we ask that you attend more than not. Your presence is important not only for your recovery, but for the community of recovering persons.
  • If you are unable to attend a meeting, that you notify someone of your inability to attend.

Return to use will be addressed on a case by case basis. Appropriate resources will be discussed with those students who are struggling and appropriate referrals will be made. It is not mandatory that return to use be addressed in a meeting and appropriate individual time will be made available for the student in need. There are local resources available to assist a student in regaining a recovery oriented lifestyle.

What we offer:

  1. Weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 1-3pm
  2. SMART Recovery meetings on Mondays from 2-3pm
  3. All Recovery meetings
  4. Peer support
  5. Social events
  6. End of the year celebration
  7. Advocacy
  8. Leadership opportunities
  9. Training opportunities
  10. Resources on and off campus


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