Addiction and Recovery 

The Collegiate Recovery Community is a space where students at any point in their recovery journey can connect with other students! We also welcome students who have been impacted by the addiction of a family member or close friend. Students at any point in their recovery journey from alcohol or drug use, eating disorders, mental health struggles, gambling, gaming, etc…are welcome.

If you would like to be contacted regarding recovery support, please completed this form:

Recovery from drug and alcohol use is a voluntary commitment to a sober lifestyle. A person in long term recovery is actively engaged in activities that promote sobriety and overall wellness.

Our Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) is designed to be community based and student oriented with the goal to provide a resource for college students who are actively working to protect their sobriety and a resource for students who have been impacted by the addiction of a close friend or family member. We assist students in developing or sustaining a foundation for long term and sustained recovery by providing a safe and confidential environment to discuss topics and ideas supportive of recovery. Establishing appropriate support for one’s recovery efforts is essential for academic success. We are not treatment based or counseling based. These services are available locally and we are able to provide referrals and recommendations as needed. We also welcome students in recovery from other struggles including eating disorders, gambling, etc…

Our CRC  promotes activities that are supportive of one’s recovery by partnering with other organizations on campus. The CRC also plans events and activities focused on and supportive of recovery.

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For more information about Student Wellness & Health Promotion at UD, visit our department home page

  • CRC students, staff, along with speaker Chris Herren at a CRC event.
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