How It Works: Heart Rate Monitors

By: Margot Farnham, Juliana Gullotta & Nicholas Ruggiero

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2 thoughts on “How It Works: Heart Rate Monitors

  1. I wonder how much noise from the electrical signals of chest muscles interfere with the electrical signals that the EKG heart rate monitors are measuring. Is the chest belt transmitter far less accurate on someone who has larger pectoral muscles or who is bench pressing a barbell?

  2. Something that interested me when watching this video was the availability of this technology for athletes who participate in water sports. I found that there are some ‘waterproof’ heart rate monitors, however is this technology rated for swimmers who are sometimes completely submerged? If multiple swimmers were to wear a heart rate monitor at the same time in a pool, would the signal stay accurate to it’s swimmer, or because water and sweat help to transmit the signal would the impulses from the entire pool confuse the signals? Swimmers would be able to find this technology just as useful as runners and other dry sports seeing as they would want to know during what exertion they are hitting certain heart rates.

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