Patent title: Wrist exercise device

Patent number: US3924851 A

Patent filing date: Oct 25, 1974

Patent issue date: Dec 9, 1975

Inventor(s): Winston Herbert

Assignee (if applicable): Winston Herbert

U.S. classification:  482/105

Claims: 1

FIG. 1 is a perspective view illustrating the

exercise device in its wrist-encircling position;

FIG. 2 illustrating the

inside surface thereof, i.e. the surface against the user’s

wrist, and

FIG. 3 the outside surface; and

FIG. 4 is an end elevational view showing details of

the device in its wrist~encircling condition.

FIG. 5 is a perspective view of another embodiment

of the wrist exercise device hereof.

The wrist exercise device is generally a wrist band that is comfortable to wear. It consists of 2 parts, fabric body and metal rods as weights. The weight of the device is adjustable by adding or removing metal rods on the band. It also can be wear around the ankles and it is easy to make exercise more strenuous.

This invention could be used by anyone that wish to add some intensity to their exercise; also, it could be used to help patients accomplish recovery training.

While wearing this product on the end of limbs, depends on how much weight the user loads, it could help the user build muscle by lifting extra weight. For patients, it could be used while passive training by helping them stretch muscle groups or joints; also, it can be used as extra weight for patient to do active exercise.

Comparing to traditional free weights, this device is designed wearing on limbs, so it does not require users to constantly using hands to hold it. Also, it is comfortable to wear, portable, and adjustable.

The reason that I chose this patent is that this wrist exercise device is simple; however, it is has many advantages comparing to traditional free weights which are extremely easy to use, more portable, adjustable, and it could be used almost every class of people.

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