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2021 Lead Mentors

Materials Science and Engineering

Lead Mentor: Igor Evangelista
Year: 4th
Hobbies: Playing guitar and sports
Email: igor@udel.du

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Co-Lead Mentor: Alana Szkodny
Year: 5th
Hobbies: Hiking, cooking, and rock climbing

Computer and Information Sciences

Lead Mentor: Mina Samizadeh
Year: 3rd
Hobbies: Running, Painting, Baking 

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Lead Mentor: Patricia Hurley
Year: 4th
Hobbies: Running, Spending time outside, Photography, Visiting amusement parks, and Mentoring.

Mechanical Engineering

Lead Mentor: Rebecca Davis
Year: 3rd
Hobbies: Perry Initiative at UD, Hiking, and Golfing
Email: davisrl@udel.du

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lead Mentor: Jack Manley
Year: 4th
Hobbies: Rock climbing, Ice hockey
Email: jpmanley@udel.du

Biomedical Engineering

Lead Mentor: Elise Hoover
Year: 3rd
Hobbies: Baking, film photography, crafting, and exercise 

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