Discovery of Chemical Probes and Therapeutic Leads

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COBRE sponsored Seminars and Symposia


Upcoming Seminars

March 28, 2019 
Christian Hackenberger, Leibniz-Institute for Molecular Pharmacology (FMP) and the Humboldt University Berlin (HU Berlin)
“The power of chemoselectivity: Functional protein-conjugates for intra- and extracellular targeting”
(time and location TBD)

Past Seminars


February 6, 2019
UD Microbiology Systems Symposium

February 13, 2019
Jennifer Roizen (Duke University) 

February 27, 2019
Becky Ruck (Merck)


February 10, 2018
UD Microbiology Systems Symposium

September 12, 2018
Steven Zimmerman, (University of Illinois) New Approaches to Drug Discovery and Delivery: From Cell-Penetrating Drugs to Organic Synthesis Within Cells

December 5, 2018
Dave Stuart, (Portland State University) Chemical Synthesis with Diaryliodonium Salts

December 16, 2018
Marco Fritzche (Biophysical Immunology / MRC Human Immunology Unit; University of Oxford) Mechanobiological Control of T-cell Activation


February 2017
UD Microbiology Systems Symposium

February 8, 2017
Raghavan Sunoj, (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay) Non-Covalent Interactions in Asymmetric Catalysis

February 15, 2017
Mindy Levine, (University of Rhode Island) Macrocycle-Promoted Energy Transfer: From Fundamental Science to Applied, Practical Detection Applications

March 1, 2017
John Jewett, (University of Arizona) Viral Muses to Inspire Chemistry

March 15, 2017
Simon Meek (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill) Development of New Catalysts and Conjunctive Strategies for Stereoselective Organic Synthesis

April 12, 2017
Mike Krische (University of Texas, Austin) Hydrogen-Mediated C-C Bond Formation

May 10, 2017
Justin T Mohr (University of Illinois, Chicago) Regio- and Stereocontrol with Anions and Radicals



February 11, 2016
UD Microbiology Systems Symposium

March 21, 2016
Seth Herzon (Yale University) Target-Driven Total Synthesis

March 9, 2016
Doug Johnson (Pfizer) Chemoproteomic Profiling with Clickable Photoaffinity Probes to Evaluate the Targets and Off-Targets of β-Secretase Inhibitors and γ-Secretase Modulators in Live Cells

March 23, 2016
Dan Kahne (Harvard University) Development of New Strategies to Treat Antibiotic- Resistant Infections



Neil Garg (UCLA) Complex Molecule Synthesis as a Fuel for Discovery

Jeffrey Johnston (Vanderbilt University) Polarity Reversal Catalysis: New Strategies and Applications

Vlad Gevorgyan (University of Illinois, Chicago) Transition Metal-Catalyzed Methodologies for Synthesis and C-H Functionalization of Arenes and Heteryarenes



Sarah Reisman (CalTech) From Alkaloids to Terpenoids: Strategies and Tactics for the Synthesis of Polycyclic Natural Products

MG Finn (Georgia Tech) Click Chemistry Returns Home: Development and Applications to Materials Science

Alex Radosevich (Penn State) Catalytic Atom Transfer and Bond Activation Methods Based on P(III)↔P(V) Cycling