NIH-COBRE: Molecular Design of Advanced Biomaterials

Center of Biomedical Research Excellence

Research Projects

In Phase II, the following primary research projects have been supported:

  • Molecular-level design of peptide-based antagonists and biomaterials (Project Leader: Zhihao Zhuang)
  • Experimental and computational methodologies for biomaterials characterization (Project Leader: Sandeep Patel)
  • Synthesis and assembly of bio-responsive copolymer vesicles for payload transport (Project Leader: Millicent Sullivan)
  • Elastomeric polymers with defined molecular architecture and tunable biological functions for vocal fold tissue engineering (Project Leader: Xinqiao Jia)
  • Beta-hairpin gels for liver regeneration (Project Leader: Darrin Pochan)

In year 10 of Phase II, the Center supported five brand new research projects:

  • Novel biomaterials for the investigation of Crohn’s disease (Project Leader: Catherine Leimkuhler Grimes)
  • Responsive materials platforms for dynamic cell culture (Project Leader: April Kloxin)
  • Efficient preparation of glycopeptides via glycosylation of alkynyl residues (Project Leader: Mary Watson)
  • Bio-electrode functionalization using aryldiazonium chemistry (Project Leaders: Joel Rosenthal and Donald Watson)
  • Preparation and characterization of selenoproteins – new approaches for combating reactive oxygen species (Project Leader: Sharon Rozovsky)