Awards & Fellowships

Awarded to CMET Students


First Name Last Name Advisor Awards & Fellowships
Julie Albert Epps Padden Award Finalist, APS March Meeting, 2011
Julie Albert Epps Finalist, 2010 AkzoNobel Student Award in Applied Polymer Science
James Angelo Lenhoff First place, Poster Competition, 28th International Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography (PREP), 2015
Alexandra Bayles Furst First place, Undergraduate Student Research Poster Session, AIChE, 2012
Alexandra Bayles Furst Goldwater Scholar
Alexandra Bayles Furst Best Junior in Chemical Engineering by the Delaware Section of ACS, 2012
Peter Beltramo Furst University Graduate Fellowship
Colin Cwalina Wagner First Place, International Fine Particle Research Institute (IFPRI) Poster Competition, 2015
P. Doug Godfrin Wagner Outstanding Poster Presentation Award for Biotechnology, Biology, and Polymers, NIST Sigma Xi, 2015
P. Doug Godfrin Wagner Student Poster Prize, American Conference on Neutron Scattering, 2014
Melissa Gordon Wagner NASA Delaware Space Grant Consortium Fellowship Award, 2015
Kate Gurnon Wagner Finalist, 2010 Society of Rheology Graduate Student Poster Competition
Sarah Hann Epps ACS POLY Undergraduate Travel Award, 2012
Sarah Hann Epps AFCEA General John A. Wickham Scholarship, 2011-12
Elizabeth Kelley Epps ACS POLY/PMSE Excellence in Graduate Research Award, 2012
Elizabeth Kelley Epps Graduate Student/Post-Doctoral Poster Award, Polymers Gordon Research Conference, June 2011
Elizabeth Kelley Epps 2010 National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship
Jung Min Kim Wagner Doh Wonsuk Memorial Award, 2012
Ohm Krishna Kiick ACS Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research symposium
Sarah Mastroianni Epps Warwick 2012 MacroUK Polymer Conference, Polymer Chemistry Poster Prize, 2012
Michael Mayeda Epps Ford Foundation Doctoral Fellowship, Honorable Mention, 2012
Mark Panczyk Furst American Chemical Society’s Division of Colloid & Surface Chemistry, Outstanding Poster Contribution
Kelly Schultz Furst ACS Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research symposium


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