LabTV Platform for Student-Produced Video Portraits of Biomedical Researchers

Hewett-Chalkin-06TV has some new stars, but they’re not actors or athletes, dancers or decorators. And they’re not on ESPN, HGTV, or the Food Network. They’re scientists, and they’re on LabTV, a new project supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Google. The University of Delaware was one of the first schools selected to participate in the project, and two UD students recently won semifinalist honors for their video profiles of biomedical researchers in LabTV’s first competition. Charlie Chalkin, a senior mass communication major, and Jason Hewett, a junior majoring in English, were among 20 students from more than 200 entrants who received awards, which were announced at the Tribeca Film Festival. Chalkin profiled Danielle Kirkman, a postdoctoral researcher studying the effects of exercise on vascular function, and Hewitt filmed Prathamesh Kharkar, a doctoral student who is investigating the use of hydrogels for delivery of cancer-fighting drugs.

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