By: Ella Reifsneider, Freshman Climate Scholar

On September 18th, Newark hosted its 2022 Community Day on The Green. The significant number of businesses who chose to participate in this event is a wonderful reflection of Newark’s unrelenting pride and dedication to building that “small town” comfortability within our community. Among the vendors was the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, an organization committed to taking a non-partisan approach to educating the public on climate risks as well as taking an active role in climate friendly policy.

Those who visited the CCL booth on Sunday learned about the many easy ways they can make an impact on the climate crisis despite the complex nature of the government’s inner workings. Although we often think there is little we can do as individuals, CCL volunteers spent their day teaching people the importance of small steps and how each one counts towards the bigger picture. QR codes displayed on the table brought visitors to a page designed to guide them through writing letters to their local senator, Tom Carper with the intention of persuading him to join senator Cris Coons in support of crucial environmental policies. 

In addition to important community engagement, the booth also included a fun trivia game for visitors to test their knowledge on everything relating to climate science, policy, history and activism. All ages enjoyed the game, and learned a few new facts about climate change in the process. One notable visitor to the booth was the U.S. representative for Delaware’s at-large congressional district Lisa Rochester. She stopped by community day to visit Newark and UD as it is the university she attended for her masters degree, and had a chat with the volunteers working at the CCL booth. As a climate advocate in politics, she is passionate about CCL’s purpose and supports many climate friendly policies

The day was a success and was such a beautiful day to see the Newark community out as a whole. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to learn about climate change and took a few moments to take some action towards climate initiatives.