Inclusive & Creative Climate Education Workshop

Our workshop on inclusive, creative, and supportive climate education in the Mid Atlantic region was a hit! Thanks to all the educators and organizations that brought incredible energy to the day. Slides, notes, and resources are shared with the team, and we’ll be in touch with next steps, a report from the workshop, and an invitation to the spring Climate Education workshop. 

Graduate Research Enhancement Grants

Six University of Delaware graduate students — in economics, geography, water policy, and engineering — recieved Graduate Research Enhancement Grants to enhance their climate change related research. Projects will include the effects of wildfire soot on heat, coastal flooding adaptations, climate-induced migration, and more. Stay tuned for blog posts, reports, and presentations!


Senator Tom Carper at the Hub

Climate Hub summer students spoke with Senator Tom Carper about his legacy of environmental action, how to build bipartisan support through personal connections, and what it takes to be a leader.  We’ll post the full interview and his advice later this fall.


The Gerard J. Mangone Climate Change Science and Policy Hub is a central connecting point to bring together faculty, staff, students, government and non-government practitioners, and community partners to promote climate education, scholarship, and action. We build community to better understand and address our changing world. 

Heat Mapping Campaign

As part of a national heat-mapping campaign by NIHHIS and NOAA, the Climate Hub partnered with CAPA Strategies, DNREC, and Wilmington volunteers to map urban heat at a local scale this summer. Read the news coverage here.

Get Involved

Join one of our email lists. Check out our events page that rounds up environmental events across campus. Explore a climate major or minor. Connect with a student organization. Make a gift to support climate education and scholarship. Host an intern.  Read our Strategic Plan. Or swing by Robinson 301 to learn more. 

UNFCCC COP28 Virtual Ocean Pavilion

Looking to engage with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 28th Conference of Parties (COP28)? Join the Virtual Ocean Pavilion, a free online platform, to attend live events, watch COP28 news coverage and interviews, and explore exhibit booths – including one by the Climate Change Hub featuring research from DE Sea Grant, DENIN, CEOE, CREW, DRC, CRDS, and more! Also sign up for our Nov 30th panel on “Shifting Goals: What is the Ocean We Want? Social Science for the United Nations Oceans Decade”.

Climate Change Video Game Jam

Join our first national climate change video game design competition! Open to undergraduate & graduate students across the United States. No experience needed. Climate change is a major world issue that needs creativity and communication to reach broader audiences and imagine a wider range of futures! Game jams are a fun space to build game development skills, create community, and learn about a thematic area. Show your creativity! February 2024. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation and Kaleta A. Doolin Foundation Oceans Decade Champions. 

More than 150 faculty members at the University of Delaware identify as working on teaching, scholarship, or service related to climate change, and many more staff and students work on climate-related issues through institutes, centers, and projects on campus, in the community, and around the world. Climate expertise, knowledge, and experiences are dispersed across units ranging from agriculture to climatology, engineering, finance, health, and policy.  The Climate Hub was founded in 2021 to foster greater cross-University collaboration and to elevate the state of the University as a climate leader. Climate change is a whole-of-University and whole-of-society issue, and the Hub reflects that.  Our work is structured around three main goals and is shaped throughout by three core values.






Expand and improve educational opportunities, both formal and informal

Provide skill-building opportunities for learners of all ages at all stages


Promote climate as a whole-University endeavor across all disciplines and units

Facilitate engagement between on- and off-campus partners

UD Climate Leadership

Amplify climate work across UD

Support UD’s long-term commitment to climate action


Climate Change Hub Video Game Jam

Video Game Celebration! Climate Change & Oceans Join a celebration of all things climate change and video games!  Stop by to play a video game made during our first national Climate Change Video Game Jam (Design Competition - including a game made by UD...

Introducing the Climate Fellows GSO

The Climate Fellows are a new Graduate Student Organization (GSO) at UD committed to connecting graduate students with a passion for climate change research, education, and activism to one and other both academically, professionally, and socially. The Fellows work to...


As climate change fuels more days of extreme heat every year, American cities are becoming increasingly familiar with the urban heat island effect. Heat islands are areas that experience increased air temperatures in urban zones due to reduced shade and a lack of...

Inclusive & Creative Climate Education Workshop – Report

In October, the Climate Hub and partners hosted a two-day workshop to build a regional community of practice on inclusive, creative, and emotionally supportive climate change education. We heard from three keynote speakers, piloted several activities on connecting...

Social Costs of Climate Change Globally, by Afia Sarwar

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is a prominent and influential organization within the United Nations system, established in 1965 with the mission of promoting sustainable development and improving the quality of life for people around the world.

Report – Loss and Damage Today: The uneven effects of climate change on global GDP & capital

Dr. James Rising's latest report documents effects of climate change on national economies to date, quantifying losses that delegates at the COP28 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change negotiations could use when developing a framework for a new fund...

What We’re Reading This Month

Students Lobbying for Climate

by Faisal Islam & Emma Korein, UD PhD Candidates and Climate Fellows In June 2023, we (Faisal and Emma) made our way to Capitol Hill for the Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) Conference. More than one thousand volunteers gathered from all over the country; every...

Climate Solutions Earn Major Victories in Delaware Legislature

June 27th was a landmark day for proponents of climate action and renewable energy across the state of Delaware. Five bills, spearheaded by House Bill 99 – the Delaware Climate Change Solutions Act, were passed by the state legislature and are awaiting signature by...

A climate change recap of 2022

Many argue that climate change is the greatest issue facing humanity today. With that said, it is rapidly advancing and the effects are being seen more and more every year. Starting off the new year, it is important to be aware of the substantial climatic changes that...