CISters First Spring Meeting!

CISters will be having its first meeting of Spring 2018 on February 22 @ 7pm in the SPARC lab located in Smith Hall.  Be sure to stop by and help us promote women in technology while enjoying some free food!!

CISters/ACM-W First Kickoff Meeting! Wednesday, October 18 @ 7pm!

CISters (ACM-W) is a group of undergraduate, graduate, and faculty that support women in technology-driven fields at the University of Delaware.  We would love to have any and all interested individuals join us for our first general body meeting this Wednesday, October 18 @7pm in the SPARC lab (210 Smith Hall)
Bring your friends, and enjoy some pizza with us as we discuss CISters’ goals and activities for this year!
We are so looking forward to being a part of this organization this year! Don’t hesitate to bring a friend!
See you there,

Computer Science and Technology Networking Night

This event is for undergraduate and graduate students looking to network with major companies in the computer science industry.  Be sure to stop by and bring your resume!  You can find more info in the events tab.

Career Presentation by Vanguard

Quick Facts: Vanguard will be on campus October 10 to conduct interviews. The last day to submit your resume is September 28.
CISters co-sponsored this event with the ACM.
Attendees learned a lot of hints about how to prepare for the September 26 Job Jamboree from UD alumni Chris Fahey, Kevin Owocki, and Tara Strobel, now at Vanguard.
There were plenty of opportunities to have questions answered.

Some important things we learned:

  • Give your cover letter and resume to the same company multiple ways in multiple forms to the interviewers, technical staff, HR, the web site. You don’t want your resume to slip through the cracks; the more people who know your name, the better.
  • Bring multiple copies of your resume to the Job Jamboree and similar fairs.
  • Sell yourself as someone who can help the company. On the first interview, don’t talk about salary, bonuses, etc., because that’s how the company benefits you.
  • In the interview, if you’re asked what your greatest weakness is, turn it into a positive.
  • If you’re asked about group/team or leadership experiences, you don’t necessarily only have to talk about academic or coding projects. You can talk about sports teams or other extracurricular experiences, which also show that you’re well-rounded.


The CISTERS organization at the University of Delaware has become an ACM-W student chapter. Photo by Evan Krape.

Article by Diane Kukich / UDaily link.

UD group for women in technology becomes official ACM-W student chapter

CISTERS, a group that brings together women in technology-driven fields at the University of Delaware, has become an official ACM-W student chapter.

A sub-group of the Association of Computing Machinery, ACM-W celebrates, supports, and advocates for women in computing, providing a wide range of programs and services and working in the larger community to advance the contributions of technical women.

“CISTERS becoming an ACM-W Chapter formally connects UD students with the national organization and other ACM-W chapters in the region as well as globally,” says Lori Pollock, professor of computer and information sciences, who is serving as adviser to the chapter. “This connection will provide support in various ways, including, for instance, a distinguished lectureship program, which will pay for the travel of speakers to campus.”

“It’s important for the small group of women in computing here on campus to feel part of a bigger organization that has the same mission and can provide support and a feeling of connection with other groups at other universities across the world,” she adds.

Preetha Chatterjee, a doctoral student in computer science and chair of the UD chapter, points out that members have the opportunity to gain technical, communication, teamwork, problem-solving and leadership skills through their volunteer activities with the organization. The group also hosts a book club and career and networking events.

“The organization is open to all undergraduate, graduate, and faculty in technology-driven fields, not just computer and information sciences,” she says. “Our goal is to promote women in technology at UD and have fun.”

Benefits of affiliation with the national organization include a three-month complimentary electronic subscription to Communications of the ACM; a full-year subscription to Crossroads, ACM’s student magazine; TechNews, a tri-weekly technical news service; CareerNews, an email newsletter filled with industry tips, trends and insights; and MemberNet, the ACM member newsletter.

Upcoming CISTERS events include the following:
• Oct. 13: Book Club series, first meeting.
• Nov. 15: Book Club Series, second meeting.
• Dec 5: Technical talk in collaboration with the Bioinformatics Student Association.

Contact Chatterjee at for more information about joining the group or volunteering.
Visit the website to learn more.