Dr. Seuss Slams Down the Hammer of Justice

As most people probably know by now, OJ Simpson is a person. And not just any person, but a person who got away with murder. In response to this, An author mimicked the style of Dr. Suess to tell a story called The Cat NOT in the Hat! A Parody told by Dr. Juice. The author and company the published the work were then sued for infringing on the copyright held by the publisher of the Dr. Seuss books.

The company that wrote the OJ Simpson version of the book claimed that it was a parody. They felt that this justified their work under the Fair Use exception and should be protected under Intellectual Property laws. However, the court ruled in favor of the publisher of the Dr. Seuss books. The court claimed that the author wrote a satire, rather than a parody, and was using the character Dr. Seuss so tell the story rather than parodying Dr. Seuss.

I agree with the ruling of the court. I feel that the author was merely using the character to promote the sale of his book, which is a clear violation of copyrighted material. It could have affected the market of the Dr. Seuss books, though unlikely, and prevented the publisher from releasing a similar work. If the author had been parodying Dr. Seuss himself, then it would most likely have been protected under Fair Use. I feel that the court made the right decision on this case. It looks like the this jury found that the glove did fit the hand.

source: Stanford


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