BS in Computer Science: Prerequisite Graph

I made this graph of the required courses for the BS in Computer Science degree.  It shows the courses required by the major (but not all courses required by the University).  I have chosen a typical schedule, but other schedules are of course possible…


BS in Computer Science Prerequisite Graph

BS in Computer Science Prerequisite Graph



  • Solid arrows indicate a prerequisite.
  • Bold solid arrows indicate a prerequisite for which the grade in the first course must be at least C-.
  • A dashed arrow indicates a co-requisite.   The first must be taken before or concurrently with the second.
  • There are some choices indicated by “OR”:
    • CISC 220 requires MATH 241 or MATH 210 as a co-requisite
    • Students must take MATH 205 or MATH 350
    • Students must take MATH 349 or CISC 304
  • “Conc” stands for “Concentration”: these courses are not necessarily CISC courses.  They are advanced courses on a common theme.  The theme and the courses must be approved by the advisor before the courses are taken.
  • “Tech” stands for “Technical Elective”: these courses are certain CISC courses numbered 300 or above.  They must be approved by the advisor.

The authoritative reference for the requirements is the BSCS page in the UD catalog.

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  1. Excellent! V useful. I am going to take a color print out and pin this to my wall! 🙂 Thanks!!

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