“Unschooled” Malvika Joshi accepted to MIT CS program

Here is a great story about Malvika Joshi, a 17-year-old from India who was just admitted to the B.S. Computer Science program at MIT.

Malvika Raj Joshi photo

Malvika Raj Joshi

Malvika’s mother, Supriya, pulled Malvika out of school when she was 12.  Supriya did not like what school was doing to her daughters, and decided to home-school them.

“Happiness is more important than conventional knowledge.”  — Supriya, mother of Malvika

Malvika was admitted to MIT based on her outstanding performances on the International Olympiad in Informatics.

Try your hand at some of the problems from previous IOIs; here is one example — they are not easy!


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