First, a big Welcome to the 67 new CIS undergraduate majors who just joined our department.   We are excited to have you and I am looking forward to working with you over the next ~4 years!

And an equally big welcome back to all of the returning students.

A few facts: as of today, there are 314 undergraduate computer science majors at the University of Delaware.  260 of you are in the Bach. Science in Computer Science program; 32 in the Bach. Arts in Computer Science; and 22 in the Bach. Science in Information Systems program.

My name is Stephen Siegel and I am the chair of the CIS Undergraduate Committee.  This is my blog.  I will be posting here (hopefully) useful tidbits of information and advice for undergraduate students.   I hope you enjoy it.  Feel free to leave comments or email me about anything you read here, or anything else.  Or stop by my office in Smith 432, to chat.

For starters, I am attaching my KeyNote presentation given today at the new student orientation meeting.  It may also be of interest to continuing students.

Good luck everyone and have a great Fall semester!



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