UD-NSLIY Time to Say Goodbye

After spending 17 days and nights together, the students and their homestay families have established great friendship among each other. Love and caring are the key words to describe their time together. August 5th. It was the night before the NSLI-Y group left Xiamen for Shanghai. The UD-NSLIY program held a Farewell Party for all the participants and their homestay families.

The first part of the party was a buffet dinner. After dinner, more than 170 people, including families, friends and students, participated in the party to enjoy the performances from the participants.

The majority of the performances from the participants were in Chinese, including an adapted skit of “Snow White” and many other Chinese songs they learned. The participants were very talented and creative. Everyone enjoyed their performances very much.

More than 170 people joined the Farewell Party for the participants.

Delicious buffet dinner.

A Snow White story in Chinese.

A musical in Chinese.

Proud homestay parents and their children pose after the performances.

In the morning on August 6th, the Homestay families sent the participants to campus to depart for Shanghai. It was very hard to say goodbye. Tears, hugs and good wishes were in the air.

The group arrived at Shanghai at 3pm on the day, safe and sound.

Participants and their families say goodbye to each other.

Time to board the bus but we’ll keep in touch. Good Bye!