UDNSLIY Day 33 Aug. 3

Today was another immersion day, requiring all students to speak Chinese except during E-portfolio and Dr. Chen’s culture class. The culture class today featured a presentation by a campus police officer about safety at Xiamen University. He outlined the categories and responsibilities of various types of campus security, as well as the many strategies and initiatives to help the campus police be more efficient and maintain security for all the students, faculty, staff, and visitors at the university. At the end of his presentation, the officer took the time to answer students’ questions and offer some tips for staying safe both on and off campus.

In addition to the guest speaker in culture class, the group also had another previous guest return to teach a second tai chi class in place of interest groups. During this class, the students were able to review what they had learned the last time and build on it. They had fun moving on to learn new forms and then watching the teacher demonstrate their use. Next week, there will be a tai chi interest group, in which the students who signed up will be able to spend the week further expanding their knowledge of and skills in this popular martial art.

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