UDNSLIY Day 35 Aug. 5 (Part II)

After a successful two-week homestay (July 22-Aug. 5) the UDNSLIY participants hosted a farewell party (Aug. 5) to celebrate their rewarding homestay experience and thank the hospitality of their host families. Short though the homestay program was, only two weeks, they had developed a deep friendship with the Chinese host families and regarded the host parents as their “Chinese Moms and Dads.”  In addition to a variety of cultural activities, the host families also helped the program participants with their Chinese language and culture studies. On behalf of all the students, Phoebe Harmon said in her thank-you speech at the farewell party “We have benefited so much from our homestay program, having learned so much from you, our Chinese Moms and Dads, from our Chinese host siblings that we would bring the fond memory back home and will be dedicated to our Chinese studies and our good relationship.” At the farewell party, the student participants rendered a rich variety of performances, deeply impressing their host families with their daily increasing Chinese knowledge and expertise. The two-week homestay program has enabled the students to experience the daily life of ordinary Chinese on a first-hand basis, leading to a better understanding of Chinese society in its complexity and diversity.

Matthew with his host familya1

Leo and Michael learning to make dumplings with their host families


Tim with his Chinese host family siblings